Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) can lead to long-term pain, soreness, ringing in the ears, and even vertigo. In order to effectively treat the three main components of a balanced bite and alleviate TMD symptoms, Premier Dental Care offers neuromuscular dental treatment for residents of Westminster, Highland/Perkins, Innisworld, and the surrounding communities within Baton Rouge. 

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry is a technique ideal for relieving temporomandibular joint dysfunction in three key areas of the jaw. Our Baton Rouge dental team will examine the relationship between your teeth, the muscles of your jaw, and your temporomandibular joint to determine whether any jaw pain you are experiencing is caused as a result of jaw malalignment.

Should the examination indicate the presence of an imbalance to your bite, we will perform a computerized assessment, aided by electrical nodes that are applied to specific points on your jaw. These instruments will precisely record how your muscles are stimulated and will provide our Baton Rouge dentists with an accurate idea as to the cause of bite imbalance as well as strategize the best treatment plan.

The Benefits of Neuromuscular Diagnostics

At Premier Dental Care, we utilize neuromuscular dental diagnostics before most restorations. This additional diagnostic step not only adds a value to your dental restoration but gives us an additional opportunity to show patients where dental pains or discomfort are stemming from. Patients also find this form of assessment useful before undergoing orthodontic treatment, as it allows us to work with your orthodontist in determining the optimal orientation for your bite, enhancing your smile’s long-term comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Certain neuromuscular treatments can also be used to relax your jaw, relieving discomfort that results from injury or tensed muscles. When treating your jaw with electrical nodes, we will use low-frequency electrical stimulation. This treatment acts as non-invasive relief for TMD and will allow you to regain temporary comfort in your bite. Once relaxed, our Baton Rouge dental team will work to help you create a treatment plan to permanently balance your bite, and eliminate TMD.

Contact Our Neuromuscular Dentist

Whether you are looking for short or long term relief for TMD, contact Premier Dental Care today and schedule a consultation. We provide non-invasive treatments using neuromuscular dentistry for patients throughout Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.