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Learn about Affordable Denture Treatments in Baton Rouge

At Premier Dental Care, we are committed to providing functional and cosmetic solutions for patients at every stage of tooth loss. Whether you are looking to restore a full arch or need to replace old, ill-fitting dentures, Dr. Nguyen and our Baton Rouge dental team offer patients traditional and implant-supported dentures. Our comprehensive denture treatments help ensure that you regain a functional bite, while preserving the structure and appearance of your smile. 

Affordable Dentures in Baton RougeTraditional Dentures

Dentures are a great solution for patients looking to restore their smile and return balance to the bite. This traditional full-mouth restoration is kept in place using dental adhesive, and can be easily cleaned when removed at night. The dentures available through Premier Dental Care are made using the latest in dental restoration materials, ensuring that your smile looks natural, and functions well for everyday use.

Made with dental porcelain, this prosthetic mimics the slight translucence of natural teeth, and provides the necessary strength to make them ideal for chewing. Each set of dentures we provide are matched to your individual smile, allowing us to maximize short and long term comfort for our patients.

Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures supported by implants function much the same as their traditional counterparts, though with added stability. During the treatment process, our partnered oral surgeon will place multiple dental implants throughout the jaw, laying the foundation for the dentures. Implant supported dentures allow for additional support, attached to the abutments capping the titanium implant posts by clasps on the denture. These clasps allow patients to snap dentures into place, preventing embarrassing slips during speech and meals. Like traditional dentures, these can also be removed to make the cleaning process easy. 

Along with the additional functional support provided by implants, implant-supported dentures prevent the jaw deterioration that results from the use of traditional dentures. Adhered dentures apply pressure to the external structure of the jaw, leading to long term distortion of mouth shape and density. Repeated use of traditional dentures leads to a sunken, aged appearance of the face, and makes regular use of the jaw difficult. The implant support of retained dentures stimulates the internal structure of the bone, rather than its surface, preventing resorption of the bone, and reinforcing the shape of your smile.


For patients who have experienced jaw deterioration, or are otherwise not eligible for regular implant supported dentures, All-on-4® presents a permanent solution to full mouth restoration. Unlike traditional dentures, the All-on-4® treatment is a non-removable bridge help in place by only four implants into the jaw. These implants are shaped in a way that necessitates less jaw structure than regular implants, allowing some patients who have already experienced a loss of bone shape or density to rebuild and reinforce their ideal smile. These bridges are also made using state-of-the-art dental porcelains, looking natural and strong enough to allow patients to chew and speak as you would with a natural smile. 

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If you are in need of a full mouth restoration, contact Dr. Nguyen and our team at Premier Dental Care. We are committed to providing high quality traditional and implanted dentures to patients of Baton Rouge, throughout the communities of Highlands/Perkins, Westminster, and Innisworld.


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