Dentist in Baton Rouge - Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be the result of a dental injury, unaddressed decay, or a gum infection that required tooth extraction. With today's advancements in dental technology, replacement teeth can do more than just enhance appearances and boost self-confidence. These restorations are designed to improve a smile’s function, durability, and health. Individuals with missing teeth that struggle with the simple acts of chewing and speaking are given a chance to return to normalcy.

Why Addressing Missing Teeth is so Important 

When teeth are missing for a prolonged period, it can impact the relationship between teeth and the jaw tissue. The jawbone will start to shrink as a result of the empty space, as it needs constant muscle stimulation to remain vital and promote proper function. Neighboring teeth are also in jeopardy if the support system weakens.  

Missing teeth can dramatically affect your facial features. The reduction of jawbone contributes to a prematurely aged appearance, as cheeks begin to sag because they can no longer properly support your facial muscles. 

Whatever the cause for your missing teeth, it is important to realize that every tooth is crucial to your dental health. With today’s innovative procedures, an experienced dentist can provide you with the right solution for your specific needs. 

Tooth Replacement Options

There are several treatments plans your dentist can offer to effectively replace your missing teeth. The following are just some of the replacement options available. 

Dental Implants are highly sought-after and successful replacement options. Many people chose dental implants because of their ability to imitate natural teeth, their capability to fuse to the jawbone, and their durability. With the proper care, dental implants provide prolonged stability and durability. 

Dentures are the traditional teeth replacement option for patients. Removeable partial dentures replace segments of the arch, while full dentures mimic the appearance and function of a full set of teeth. It only takes a short adjustment period for your new prosthetic to feel and look natural.

Fixed Bridges are attached to your neighboring teeth for support. These devices are designed to connect the gap where missing teeth once were. 

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